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"Romanian Journal of Rhinology"
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The new homepage of  "Romanian Journal of Rhinology" is available here!!!



             Rhinology is, in the last decade, a beneficiary of new technical means for accurate and effective investigation, treatment and research.

            Because of the location of the nose and sinuses in the middlle of a extremely important  topographic region for its pathological interference (inflammatory, tumoral and vascular diseases), it is justified, I think, the importance given to it in the recent years. This might be the reason this region became the "key point" of endoscopic surgery,  ENT navigation and in the near future of robotic surgery.

          Internationally, in recent years there were developed Rhinologic Societies and publications  with multidisciplinary concerns .

            The Romanian Otorhinolaryngology must keep pace with these developments.

            Sensing the interest of the young generation of ENT specialists for the nose and sinuses  and borderline pathology, Romanian Rhinologic Society  aims to provide scientific information, possibilities of expressions and international contacts designed to encourage and support performance in this area in our country.

            I think that
the first step made by our team - Romanian Journal of Rhinology, is a good sign if we consider that already a significant number of world renowned ENT specialists joined our Society and its publishing projects.

            I hope that young Romanian specialists to be stimulated by it.

                                                                            Prof. Dr. Dorin Sarafoleanu

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